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Storm Gaza
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Storm Gaza Some more very lo-fi beats coupled with supreme wordplay. Definitely recommend. Has a much calmer and cool atmosphere different from the self-titled record. Good to chill out to. Favorite track: TelevatorFingers.
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Watch as I look through the seeing glass Empty of all that will never come to fruition There's nervous hands clasped to hollow walls A cacophony of unease In the deepest reaches of the darkness You will find your truest light This field is nostalgia These winds are accompanied by memories Don't lose sight of your light I was swimming through the darkness when I heard you call to me and I gasped and I flailed and I begged to be saved from this ego that consumes me I am the everlasting search for milk and honey in a dead-man's trench We all go home safe in the end I arose my hand to catch the grandest slam We all go home_____
Life is porched-in and I scream through the screen obscenely demanding respect Defective I deflected for a moment to reflect upon my flex and current state of happiness hi internet It's the psychonaughty point-dexter Ladies love me as the slip in and don't dip or quit, quick with the witty quips and stoner sticks pulling smoke tricks better during sweater-weather, pink leather wetter debt collector and honeybee swooner, but you can call me Cuna Atlantis was a manic planet the whole time A hoodie is a black man's casket and these days we're being drowned in bullets and buried dead or alive OG Cuna Kush got a discount on my first wizard Took it to the beach and smoked 9 logs of that OZ through strawberry swishers Navigating traffic in the A' like highschool hallways Soft spoken loud waves Samples saved to the sound bank Aim high when the blunt sprays Shoot blanks don't strain or stress We thriving and we blessed And if we're not we're still something like it Ultimately I strive to dismantle the crowd until a collapse is imminent and they have to reinvent the way they sleep eat and pray May all my homies reign before heaven dips beneath the horizon at the end of a bad fur day Bring honor to the pen Stop treating rap like a game so I can earn some grub, learn some love and spread it with nothing less than a whisper Always good when I get it When I get it it's always good Some days are shit and that's understood Never swear on my family or my hood No one leaves this life painless and that word is good Breathe new fuel into the fire of life now, we chopping' wood I've never seen such waves The tide is changing day by day Gnarly knaps and a knapsack with my stu brewin slaps claps and hi-hats The past few years I've just been practicing my craft Cat scratch till the walls spell drastic with your favorite words Dog eat the cage when their barks aren't heard I've got a painting in my pocket named equivalent exchange and I can't sell it till it's bought alongside the proper frame Some say the price is high I say the price is fame and that it's never been worth the problem of getting that dame to spread her legs like wildfires if it's only out of drunken shame Took a piss upon the throne of unrequited love by any other name If I can't hold you consciously then what's the fuckin point of fuckin with you just to fuck me, nah mean? Got some troubles on my shoulder When I shrug it's shaking mountains Humans call him the Awkward Sea-Golem They say he's solemn death and fortified with blessings from the Pride Lands I could count down to the death of me with one hand holding up 2 fingers for the camera man
I'm pulling the strings There's no calling for help when you're already floating on Icarus's stolen wings Wax dripping (Smells of treason) Sun gleaming (For some reason) Connection to muffled pleading Lost not found Look at man, he Holds objective truths in subjective solvent and laughs when the outcomes come out constant Bleak Martyrs light the torches on the Great Wall We've all got great goals Our children bear the coals of our misfortunes this Christmas season (I've signed up for a second semester of classes surrounding acting with honor and Hunter-gatherers fester from the ground to thieve supplies for the feast from the dumpster bins they've found) An assembly line of puppets who's heads can turn to face their master learn never to question actions until after the fact and when they come for us, this is how they're acting, verbatim from the calf's bleats Can you taste the summer rain Every drop of condensation waterlogs my joints and peels the paint from all my clothes Naked and alone on stage with shotgun wedding prose that connects to the creative garden hose (Stepped on) Stepped on to build the pressure (Stepped) Stepped on to build the pressure Marionette Machinery For the greater good There's always guidelines to choreography Set us free Where's the killswitch to this Enigma by any other name is ignorance is bliss only spoken through Sanskrit texts you can't commit to memory The nature by your window is a hologram of modern man before the common man was given weapons with which to protect and serve the lands that bear no masters and taste no pleasures If the universe saw you a fitting tortoise on who's back it could sit and rest, would you throw it off to walk alone and talk or suffer so another could stand tall enough to call you brother Is the money worth the offer? Ever? Does the money make you suffer? Forever? Is human decency all gone? I'm tethered To this televator wire that extends and connects to the never ever after I've grown tired of these strings that hold me down They force a laugh that hides a frown My every instance in life is double-helix-knotted and leaves me hog-tied down I work no tricks As you can see Yet it's the artist not the art who chooses to dance and sing And still I hold no fucking strings Marionette Machinery For the greater good There's always guidelines to choreography Set us free
Activate the right reaction I am slacker, under-average Needs his glasses just to see his passion's blossoming Asthmatic anxious lanky packaging Lavish heart of gold and knack for gracing Hope with love Introduce a stigma He is weak of will and depressed Compressed into a form That's of a world That holds his fate to uniform Wait A crack in the coding Turn on the genius Watch as they feed him Fill him with creative processing power and evoke his evolution into the ether A mere taste of capability Artifact of lifegiver Hold the silver sliver of truth on your tongue Empowered by the craft that you love When all the demons below and angels above treat your trust like a feast for the numb Armageddon is null Activate the system Is put in place to make all functions synchronize Emotions non existent If monetary gain is not fulfilled the end is in our future Exploit the slacker He holds skill and lacks the tact required to rule the world of his own will We must confront him We must control We must contort We must reform We must conform him His only strength comes from knowing freewill Which we will mirage as entrapment And then destroy him ____________________ So I'm chillin at the Green Tea Or maybe it was Yummy House? I can't recall I just remember seeing you after a shitty day at work You were maxin' at the register with the black visor and the red top I tried to impress and hoped to win with the corniest lines I could feed But all my bait is common place and all I'm good for is my grin It's fly that your down to swim with beach bums Maybe I could treat ya Snow cones on the boardwalk We don't shit talk Just some chatter about how I'm not your favorite rapper while I'm nervously strumming drum patterns on my thighs and wishing they were yours When you don't look I glance into your eyes and write lame raps like this about how you've probably holstered your mind on the idea of some other guy Ignorance is bliss and fuck me if it's nice You asked me for my number when I ordered the fried rice I fumbled and stuttered twice The points go to rewards but now it just feels nice to have someone ask me for my number And it's 3, with extra chicken
Behold! This matrix code is faulty so I've altered my position to better appropriate your attention to the vision board Corny porn producers got the shots angled wrong Solemn horny atheist ironically calling oh my god Hip-hop heads think hip-hop's dead because art to the natural progression of earning royalties based on no work became the necromancer's guilty pleasure and eventually the social norm I've grown accustomed to these digits tapping at the keys Lately though, I've also found it difficult to swim with my own species The small fish eats the bigger fish Eats the bigger fish eats the shark who consumes only jellyfish normally but changed his diet to help his heart and work on gaining spinal support Look at all the rhinestone eyes that shine in the dark and hold the blind up on a pedestal of light Become the black prophet of an intergalactic white prison and baptize their children's memories in smelted gold and appreciation for where them niggas from Where is them niggas from? Who's mans is this? Who fam is this? Them niggas from the slum village I heard they just suffered a horrible loss Encountered a terrible fate Had only 3 days to return to the store to get the variables replaced I've been known and quoted as bashful black and bold With a coat of colors to call his own on a dope sequoia throne tapping spacey beats out with a spacebar Only patron at the Sandbar with a 404 and a short longboard Either there or in my tree cave verbalizing monsters to a painters rhythm in a masochistic society that's always rapping on my door knocker Ask her to knock the door down and have me rap to entertain the clowns Paint a smile above my frown or better yet give me a face as white as my oppressors slavers friends and neighbors Hide my furrowed brow and bow before the pigs who aim whether I dance for them or dance to dance It often takes two to tango and three to balance the act of adorning Christmas trees with angels at precisely the right angle I used the televator fingers to telecommunicate with teleporting telepathic "nothing-great"'s and ungrateful apes who spend their time endlessly cycling in figure-eights Ain't it great? Revolution televised every weeknight got me up late begging for a tractor beam to send a clone to take my place I suffer from allergies Everything I enjoy from work to play has me begging for euphoria through euthanized release Send me to the colony of never-ending apathy and watch me make my peace Watch me make my peace
Here holds the candle in the darkest storm (Shaking hands with shadow forms) Picking morsels from the cabbage patch and writing messages with their guts in reverse cuneiform (Morbidly) Absorbing livestream from the crooked course we've plotted (Pray the arrival of an angel holds back the fear until we find a way to spot and stop it) Time won't stop for the mirror within you (Reflection in clear view) Contortionists pick portions of poison to pour into the cauldron while the witches hunt for corporeal signs of the afterlife intermingling with survival Bahamut from the oceans like a rapper from an artist Perspective enlarged but the ploy remains honest Gather all your promises Show valkyries where valor lives Teach a demon with a bonesaw to snap its flattened jaws at the one who holds the highest hand of cards When you regain all that strength (I'll lay you) Fish-filleted and flat on your ass while I whip my whip around the stars rotation (Trail blazing through the word amazement like a global cruiser to the pavement) I'm holding medusa's head and can feel my hands grow colder with each soul those eyes inhale like a visual acid trip dripping sand into the water pail Stepping on the aid who provides the serum that's caused all my ailments (Break a fist over an enemy and break bread with the same hand Then shiver your glands in prayer for grace to save the sanctity of an apology Regardless of the level of your actions committed restitution is realized through apathy and a slap on the hand) I burrowed deep into the stomachs of a thousand hungry heads and fed the nucleus of all the dopest shit ever like the Blob before me Bred to breathe and excel as I exhale fumes of homegrown and self-fueled potent dope shit (Like I just fuckin told you!) 7 cats and a cat in unnatural habitat Picking cabin fever one by one as the town floods like sp00ks predicted Wielding chainsaws in the kitchen (Cooking rations up to get sick of speaking the Devils name in honor of cash flow) Let Lazarus guide a nigga on how to remain hazardous while peaceful on the surface of little earth Perched above my kind but below humanity Humbled to have seen the giants that tremble earth with their feet
I was lost in this home for 48 days I know every inch of every wall I could call the dust particles by name If I think hard enough I'm sure I'd know the age of the grass blade by blade In 100 cycles watch the cyclops go the distance Sideways with no handlebars Before he knows his rights his rite of passage must be fulfilled And it won't come easily The skin that's shed will surely bleed But given time the wounds will heal With new grown limbs comes mass appeal One day you're paid and we won't be praying for a vacay It may not be today Today's owned by money And money comes with interest owed God bless if you catch a pay day Miraculous An ambassador of knowledge from a land of foreign legends tells the fruit that falls and lands at man's feet It's rare (You can't see) Don't approach (You can't breathe) It's not yours to hold Never been cold as the gold that you sold your soul for Never been known to hope for more than what he holds open the door for We aren't poor anymore (Just hungry) We don't want anymore (Just comfy) We don't sleep anymore We battle all our demons till they can't creep anymore (The fight for the need to be right in the brain We all see the same haze It clouds the roadways and brings us much pain) And we're ready to battle until this home decays
Double pits to chesty for the camera Simultaneously drop a coin in the coffer for every freedom the church offers while everything appears to move according to plan Battle axe from the bargain grab party-pin for busy body boy scouts who scream into the night with fear until Mace Windu lets the force out Forceful and fortified is my castle with its many towers dragons and decorative tassels They dangle to make Repunzel jealous from all angles while providing an upskirt of your favorite angels Walk the length of the train tracks with a sketchbook and ambition so when adversity rides by you can seismic toss it into submission Bitch I'm a cartoon these bars don't do shit to me (I'd rather watch the prison rot than set its captives free) Bitch I threw harpoons to reel in the victory (Set fire to the house of leaves and learn to love how bright it's lungs breathe) Bitch we got no hopes, there's thieves in the balcony (Let them pay for the rags of resolution with a foreign land's currency) Bitch I got fam to feed (It's always success if it's what you need) Run with the wolves and bark at the enemy (Remember to bite whether or not the hand feeds) I rock a rotoscoped image when I maneuver through reality and prefer this coat of colors to the tragedies befallen by outsiders possessing promise rings bestowed by befallen kings who's generosity tends to exceed the needs of the people they bring 20,000 leagues under a sea of unfortunate happenings have set my current settings to self-destructive and in related news cunabear be the cats meow for negro spirituals and healing moves Put up your dukes when the centaurs lose Approach the throne humbly and speak no secrets once the spies are loose Appease hippo-hunger by playing magic tricks with silver spoons live like the crowd sighs and croons for baby food Bitch I'm a cartoon these bars don't do shit to me (I'd rather watch the prison rot than set its captives free) Bitch I threw harpoons to reel in the victory (Set fire to the house of leaves and learn to love how bright it's lungs breathe) Bitch we got no hopes, there's thieves in the balcony (Let them pay for the rags of resolution with a foreign land's currency) Bitch I got fam to feed (It's always success if it's what you need) Run with the wolves and bark at the enemy (Remember to bite whether or not the hand feeds) Dip your fingers in the murder she wrote I count the death toll by the number of crows Revealing cosmic clothes in a befuddled form where it's an at home dope throne to own and a funeral flushing dreams down the commode Is it the prince or the pauper? Is it the ghoul or the goblin? Is it fate? Can I stop it? Can I alter? Add more color? Apply the oath to order?
Oh shit The creatures roam in silence Somewhere between dishonesty and alien science Don't get caught by the guillotine's edge Heads roll when the Bears claws got em up against the - Tables turned on their back burners by sneaky scavengers at dinner Cut the gizzard off the losers After sinners get coal for Christmas Minus a loved one A pity A shrugged off love A battle born son removes obscene degrees of fleeting fancies from his internet history when he thinks he hears the rattling of the sentries It's the act of the century Merrily merrily merrily Cast aside your gloomy energy Watch the evolution of conditioning beasts to walk and talk a little more civility reach with new epiphany Maybe if you didn't batter your blood with the guts and opinions of the unholy and wrung out Entry level love for that high that clouds your love of love (You wouldn't feel so drugged up and numb) No freedom ring No flying doves No fight for what's right No blood shed for blood Oh shit The creatures roam in silence Somewhere between dishonesty and alien science Don't get caught by the guillotine's edge Heads roll when the Bears claws got em Up Against The wall Aw fuck The cyborgs are advancing Somewhere uncharted masterminds tinker in a factory Don't get caught up by the blade that you draw Clear a dungeon map searching for gold Got me up Against The wall Oh shit The creatures roam in silence Somewhere between dishonesty and alien science Don't get caught by the guillotine's edge Heads roll when the Bears claws got em up against the - Take apart what pains you at the end of the day I take a pay day On an airplane Serve me chocolate flavored champagne while I bus tables on my off day Or not I'm always taught To provide peace when not provided by the lexicon I speak through speaking speakers just so you can hear the shit I'm on Rip one off big bong and burn my whole front lawn before I even advance a pawn Stick my prink into the live wire like a socket needs prongs and play my album at your prom Your mom downloaded me on limewire in 2004 when I was the freshest 2nd grader this side of the meteor our fathers' fathers watched fall Hold a nigga pride to his head on the day his feelings died Wear a bearskin hide with my back Against The wall
Dance to the will of the wisp that torches the wick and sing I am the moth My passion is my flame My only goal in life is to reach the light and return from whence I came' In which of your favorite pieces does your artists heart reside? Can its resonance absolve you in the dark Pardon me wholeheartedly It's not my job to point the sun in its rising position I've simply got a trigger finger on completing every side mission My main goal harbors moonlight within a metallic thorny crown jutting ever so slightly from my brow The blood on my crest tastes of old acrylics From a time in space and solace where my heart knew no interest in lyrics or the occupation of my neighbor's spirit Those were the days where love was so real you'd feel it Now it's a commodity for which we're fighting and stealing Hands to the ceiling I share the burden on my brothers backs because I've been around the block with mine a couple times From the tallest tree on the island of destiny all the eye can see surrounding these lands is darkness festering and I can speak no more on how it's rage has tested me Hear no evil See no evil Speak no evil Have no fun You've gotta ticking time-bomb that bursts when your depression has won Are you bound by the dark Are you birthed by the sun? Do you creep in the night? Do you fly with the doves?
I am a rotten spirit yes indeed Here to offer pleasures in exchange for what I need Feed me your ego Allow me to taste it Bring me your soul glow I wish to embrace it Swallow the parts of you that tamper with my plans Digest your secrets and discard your sins Feed me your ego I'll give you a dynasty I'll harvest your precious individuality Contort your essence and spit out the carcass Fame gold and sex is all you can process One taste and you're hooked on endless nonsense Bedeviled by ego alone till you falter Now send word to your brothers It's their minds I want altered Let me consume what makes you
Unbind these hands Let loose my shackles We are children of the Apple Hands high for peace No harm no foul No soldiers for war No holy ground worth the battle Scream "Keep your distance please" The rotten core of all that breeds Self-guided missiles of memory loss and self-animosity Take a breather We've silenced the speakers We've entered the ether We still cannot reach her That golden goose you lack flies on feathers dipped in black pride and births crumpled origami animals that back and forth your life sized soul model until it tumbles with a clatter leaving your inner secrets splattered on the carpet in a periwinkle argyle pattern The aura of mistakes made is purple with a sunburst effect A sign of life within death holding tightly on that delay switch Cup water for the thirsty with these hands You could build a home for a heart with these hands Teach equality and shine the guiding light These hands are ghosts that lift barking dogs off their claws in the starless sky Unbind these hands Let loose my shackles We are children of the Apple Hands high for peace No harm no foul No soldiers for war No holy ground worth the battle Whisper all your secrets please Within the walls of the cathedral where the gargoyles sleep, beware for inner peace is a delicacy in the eyes of the Lich King He dines in a hall full of leeches Tentacles reaching from the creases in the ceiling They bob and move when I ask the crowd whether or not they're feelin me Homies in the crowd hold hands high like rockets in the atmosphere When the frilly border fades remember the bear cub standing in the frame Unbind these hands Let loose my shackles We are children of the Apple Hands high for peace No harm no foul No soldiers for war No holy ground worth the battle
Life is open wide when the winds die down and the storm subsides Breathe in slow Surprise Right before your eyes The light returns to help the heavens stay warm during the scorn of existence for a bum on the beach Every sleeping sound of waking life is a delirious treat and I've got a tooth too sweet for an improper mentioning so give props to the Sweater-Weather King Pin and the holy host of the longest nights this knight has ever known Your boy is riding dragon's backs just to play the game and stake his claim on local fame Maybe pay the rent and end the shame Put a blessing on his father's name And spread some love to he's she's and they's while we huddle round the fire at the end of a day Let the sun rays burn our skin while we burn 2 jays and depart for the shade so we can sleep to see and reap the benefits of a better day Don't you know You can fly as high as you want to with those wings on your back My friend Everything will be alright in the end but for now the day is long so let's enjoy it instead with our friends Follow the flow of the spindrift It's always good when I get it Some days won't give so you take hits 2 hands to break a back 2 hands to mend it back And we're always good My friend we're always good Nigga we're always good Homie we're always good Home girl we're always good My dude we're always good Sunshine we're always good My love we're always good Somehow we're always good
Drifting through paradise in a lazy river full of driftwood I pick a pair of pears twice as I float along the bank When the current starts to shift moods I slip in and out of time A sudden throbbing from the chrome dome touch the cranium and feel the crack in the dam I scream to phone home but the dial tone rings through the wake Twist and tumble as my body folds and fumbles down the river Losing control as my skull overflows and the wash turns crimson like you left your favorite hoodie with a doobie in the bin for dirty laundry Gasp for air while reaching for the humanity branch to pull yourself asunder from the rolling tide Perch yourself upon a rock and pray that it's your shangri-la Until Jesus comes to pick your luck and swipe your card in case you die Watch the tribesmen all approaching from the flanks A couple holding spears but one darts you from the tree branches and hits your face Numb until the poison kicks Sunset at the perfect view Feel your muscles tighten as the shaman's spirits summon you to leave your earthly body at his beckoned call Now your shell is pruned and washed out while pondering how far down the water falls Calling all cars Paradise lost


I wrote this album to pay my rent. Somewhere between being sick, having no money or proper food, a serious and sudden increase in my depression and anxiety, and escaping hurricane evacuation, I came to a place of deep apathy.

The narrative is born from the struggles of situational survival as an artist;

The duality of "the creator" vs. "the man", and where the line is drawn between the two. How they are influenced & effected by habitats, habits, community, & stimuli.

Facing the possibility of losing everything, and trying to find solace regardless.

Knowing that the flow will continue ever onward, whether or not you can (or want to) create, will you continue to? Does it matter?

Beartooth Collective presents, cunabear's "BadFurDay":

"The Clock Of Life is wound but once,
And no man hath the power
To tell just when the hands will stop,
At late or early hour.

Now is the only time you own.
Live...Love...Toil...with a will.
Place not faith in tomorrow,
For the Clock may then be still."


released November 7, 2016

Tracks 1 & 4 (Measure #1), produced by B. Mayor.
Tracks 2 & 13, produced by P3ST.
Tracks 3, 4 (Measure #2), 7, & 14 (Measure #1), produced by sp00ks.
Tracks 5 & 8, produced by Thovo.
Tracks 6 & 12, produced by Costa of MMA.
Track 9, produced by Lucky Bastard.
Track 10, produced by Lupin The Beatsmith.
Track 11, produced by Unsung.
Track 14 (Measure #2), produced by HP 710

All vocals written, recorded, & performed by cunabear.

All rights belong to their respective owners.

Special Thanks to Audi, Libby, Bryce, & Marissa.
Fuck Hurricane Matthew.
Tybee Low Life, for Life.


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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